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  • החופשה שלכם בלבה של איטליה היפה



The Marquis family of the Pasqualetti Ricci’s belongs to an old and noble lineage originating in the northern city of Ferrara and which has, amongst its ancestors, men of arms, men of the law and prelates. Michele was personal vicar to King Roberto of Napoli; in the 15th century, Leo governed the town of Ficarolo; and in 511, Zenone, the Lord of the Fortress, built the church of ‘Spirito Santo’ in Ferrara.

Lo stemma di famiglia
the last to bear the family name, lives with her son Luigi in the ‘Villa di Caccia’, inside the Tenuta complex. Surrounded by age-old trees, the 17th century house has played host to many friends and acquaintances of the family through the ages, including the painter Luigi Fontana (1827-1908), a notable artist who loaned his work to the Vatican in Rome. Fontana painted the frescoes on the ceilings and walls of 26 rooms, and most notably, the red and blue bedroom which contains hunting scenes and symbolic images of war and peace.


Since 1996 Alessandra restored the old buildings around the villa into holiday accommodation, respecting the fabric of the original buildings and their history. The apartments are all named after local trees and plants. Tenuta Le Piane, has been in the Pasqualetti Ricci family since the 1700's. It is 700 metres above sea level, near the village of Taccarelli, in the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains, in an area well connected to the principal roads of the region, a few kilomtres from two beautiful medieval centres; Amandola and Sarnano.

Night view
La Tenuta has grounds of more than 150 hectares with fascinating natural panoramas. The ancient woods have paths dating back centuries that wind through them, giving many opportunities to enjoy the natural history of the area. There are many old hunting shelters along these paths, which have been restored maintaining their original fireplaces, offering guest the opportunity to sit under pergolas, or picnic at the tables provided, surrounded by magnificent trees. Many animals can be seen in the woods; deer, wild boar, squirrels, martens and foxes.